The Sessa gold mines, located in a beautiful region of Ticino, are a fascinating historical and cultural attraction.

The Monte Scer√© area in Malcantone has a rich mining history with extractions of various metals, especially gold, since Roman times. Malcantone is part of the Swiss ‘Mining District’. Two main phases of mining followed in the 1800s and 1900s, but activities were suspended during the Second World War and finally in 1952. The Sessa gold mine, abandoned until 2015, can now be visited as a historical attraction and is open to visitors wishing to explore its secrets and learn more about the history of gold mining in the area.

For those who have dreamed of seeing the Sessa gold mines up close, it is now possible to do so comfortably from the Tresa Bay Hotel by postbus. Thanks to the convenient connection, visitors can enjoy a stress-free journey and immerse themselves in the magic of the mines once they arrive at their destination. During the visit, you can explore the underground tunnels, admire the ancient mining equipment and discover the secrets of this fascinating activity.

In conclusion, a visit to the Sessa gold mines is a unique opportunity to explore the history and culture of gold mining in Switzerland. Thanks to the convenient PostBus option departing from the Tresa Bay Hotel, visitors can enjoy an unforgettable experience and learn more about this fascinating chapter of local history.

Mine opening 16 March
Saturday and Sunday with visits at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm
Visit duration approx. 1:30H.
Indoor temperature approx. 10-12 degrees, heavy clothing and hiking boots recommended.

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