Monte Caslano Cardio Walk

Explore the extraordinary beauty of Monte Caslano and get ready for a unique experience with the ‘Cardio Walk’!

Located in the heart of Ticino, Switzerland, Monte Caslano offers breathtaking views and a rich variety of flora and fauna to discover.
With the ‘Cardio Walk’, you will have the opportunity to walk along a well-maintained path while engaging in an invigorating and stimulating physical activity. This hiking route allows you to immerse yourself in unspoilt nature and take care of your cardiovascular health.
Thanks to its ascents and descents, the ‘Cardio Walk’, designed in collaboration with CardioCentro Ticino, is a unique opportunity to train your heart and improve your physical endurance. Whether you are an experienced hiker or a beginner looking for new challenges, the “Cardio Walk” on Monte Caslano is the ideal experience for you. A path of about 3.6 km runs around the perimeter of Monte Caslano along the lakeshore and through the forest.
Starting from the village, you can follow the nature park trail, which is about 4.5 km long and a little more challenging with 230 m of altitude difference. This trail offers several vantage points and 15 educational boards along the way.

The walk around Monte Caslano is an unmissable experience during your stay at Tresa Bay, especially after admiring it from the balcony of your room! For a different perspective of the mountain, if you are looking for an easier route, you can walk along the lake on the Italian side, as far as the strait that connects the gulf of Ponte Tresa with the main branch of Lake Lugano.

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