Monte Generoso

Monte Generoso is a majestic mountain located on the border between Switzerland and Italy,

famous for its panoramic beauty and the extraordinary architecture of the Fiore di Pietra structure designed by architect Mario Botta.
This unique building stands on the highest point of Monte Generoso and offers visitors an unforgettable experience, both for its breathtaking view and innovative design.

A rack railway has been taking visitors to the summit of Monte Generoso for 125 years, offering a nostalgic journey through enchanted mountain landscapes. On the high mountain, hikers can explore trails, including the Nevère Path, which shows ancient stone constructions for cooling milk. The adventurous can go paragliding to admire the surrounding landscape.

For hiking enthusiasts, the Tresa Bay is the ideal starting point to begin the adventure to Monte Generoso. From here, visitors can enjoy a scenic train ride to the summit, offering spectacular views along the way. Moreover, thanks to the Ticino Ticket, public transport is free and the ascent to Monte Generoso is discounted, making the experience even more convenient and accessible to all.

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