Luino Market

The Luino market, located in the province of Varese, is one of the most renowned and oldest markets in the area. Founded back in 1541, it has a rich and fascinating history that makes it a must-see for tourists and residents alike. This weekly market is held every Wednesday along the narrow streets of Luino’s historic centre, transforming the town into a lively open-air bazaar.

The products on sale at the Luino market are varied and interesting. Here you can find a wide range of items, including clothing, accessories, local foodstuffs, souvenirs, handicrafts and much more. The colourful and picturesque stands create a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, inviting visitors to explore the diverse offerings of the vendors.

In addition, the Luino market is famous for its offer of typical local products, such as cheeses, cold cuts, local wines and gastronomic specialities that delight the palates of visitors. Thanks to its centuries-old history and varied offerings, the Luino market is a unique place to immerse oneself in tradition and discover hidden treasures.

Luino is easily accessible by Postbus, which leaves from the square in front of the hotel every hour. Moreover, although the route crosses the Swiss border, the journey is included in the Ticino Ticket and therefore free of charge during your stay.

The Luino Market is so popular that we have dedicated a two-night stay package to it, which includes a dinner, all at a discounted price.

More info: VisitLuino

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