Ticino Ticket Advantages

Travelling in Ticino is easy and convenient with the Ticino Ticket

The Ticino Ticket is an ideal solution for those who want to travel in Ticino economically and efficiently.
Thanks to this service, you have free access to public transport throughout the region, including trains, buses and postbuses. This means that you can travel freely without spending a cent on tickets.
The Ticino Ticket simplifies travel and allows you to discover hidden and lesser-known places in the region, such as picturesque villages or scenic paths. Moreover, while travelling, you can completely relax and enjoy the beauty of the landscape without having to drive or worry about traffic.

When you book a stay at the Tresa Bay Hotel, you get this service free of charge for the duration of your stay.

Discover the beauty of Ticino even out of season
Ticino has much to offer tourists outside the summer season.
Among the main attractions are the UNESCO World Heritage Castles of Bellinzona, the famous Piazza Grande in Locarno, scene of famous festivals, the picturesque stone bridges of the Verzasca Valley and the village of Morcote, already voted ‘the most beautiful village in Switzerland’.

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